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Jun 23, 1999

New generation planned for Superior

New generation planned for Superior

New generation planned for Superior

Minnesota Power has announced that its electric business plans to build a natural gas-fired power plant near the city of Superior in Wisconsin's Douglas County. The power generating station, scheduled for completion in 2002, will help meet growing peak demand for electric power.

The combustion turbine power station will be capable of producing approximately 90 megawatts of electric power. Estimated cost of the project is $35-$40 million, said Robert D. Edwards, president of Minnesota Power's electric operations.

"The plant will help alleviate a developing shortage of electricity during periods of peak customer demand during summer and winter months, thereby improving the dependability of the electric system for our customers. This facility will also help us avoid purchasing higher cost power when our other generating facilities are down for maintenance," Edwards said.

"Designed to allow for significant future expansion, the plant will also be capable of meeting the varied energy needs of nearby industrial customers such as Murphy Oil refinery and Lakehead Pipe Line," he noted.

Combustion turbines produce low emissions, making them an environmentally advantageous way to generate electricity.

The company has identified sites for the plant along Superior's Stinson Avenue which offer ready access to nearby natural gas pipelines. Pending regulatory approvals, project construction would begin during the year 2000.

Minnesota Power, Inc. is a diverse services company with corporate headquarters in Duluth, Minnesota. The company's electric operations business is the principal supplier of low-cost electricity to northeastern Minnesota, as well as to northwestern Wisconsin through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Superior Water, Light & Power Company.